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Komatsu Ramen Coming to Kansas City, MO

Komatsu Ramen is expected to open late-spring on Broadway Rd in Kansas City, MO. Erik Borger, owner of iL Lazzarone Pizzeria, says the restaurant will feature authentic Japanese noodle dishes and appetizers and a full bar highlighting sake, beer and Japanese-inspired cocktails. Chef Joe West, Borger’s business partner, will manage the kitchen.

Komatsu (小松) means small (小 ko) pine tree (松 matsu); therefore, inspiring the life of the building construction from 26,000 pounds of fresh, beautiful radiata pine. The interior will be contemporary and minimal in design with 21 private booths.

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The logo design reflects a small pine tree, wood grain texture, and a dashing wet circular paintbrush stroke which pays homage to Japanese sumi ink art and calligraphy. The depth of the logo paired with a modern, thin, sans-serif font embodies the high quality ingredients found in these simple dishes with great depth of flavor – the chef-quality cuisine is, in fact, a work of art.


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