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Ashley Cameron – Graphic Design, Websites, Package Design, Photography & Branding in Des Moines


Thank you to everyone keeping Ashley in business. The rest of this year is booked!
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AuroMedics ASHP Tradeshow

In August 2016, I started working with AuroMedics. They had already established an updated brand using a pea pod graphic to represent their corporate identity and butler imagery to depict their... +

content marketing strategy


Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Audience Content marketing is for your customers, not your brand. The objective is to distribute content to attract, earn, and engage your target audience, who should have been defined in your brand goals. Inform,... +


Bone Creek Membership Card Arrived

Today, we received our Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art membership card in the mail that I designed in mid-October. Out of the ordinary printing We opted to try Morning Print,... +

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