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Tag: identity

Ostrea – Oyster Company


Ostrea – Oyster Company


Ostrea is a high class oyster bar and seafood restaurant coming soon to Kansas City and Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Design Inspiration

The ‘O’ on the logo is elegant and refined yet organic and fluid like an oyster, muscle, or other mollusks and sea creatures.

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Komatsu Ramen Logo & Concepts

Komatsu Ramen Coming to Kansas City, MO

Komatsu Ramen is expected to open late-spring on Broadway Rd in Kansas City, MO. Erik Borger, owner of iL Lazzarone Pizzeria, says the restaurant will feature authentic Japanese noodle dishes and appetizers and a full bar highlighting sake, beer and Japanese-inspired cocktails. Chef Joe West, Borger’s business partner,

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Muse Tea Company


Muse Tea Company – The Power to Infuse

*Graphic Design III (MWSU) – Identity & Packaging Project

How Muse Got Its Name

The identity Muse has a couple of connotations, depending on the culture and part of speech in which it is used. In modern English, to muse is to contemplate or meditate in silence,

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Ashley Cameron logo