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Tag: dentistry

Goetze Dental Quarterly Promotions Catalog


Goetze Dental


Goetze Dental is a family-owned business serving practices since 1884. They serve over 10,000 dentists in nine Midwestern states. Goetze Dental provides quality products, education and service to the dental profession. Their corporate office is located in Kansas City, MO.

Design Inspiration

The new quarterly promotions catalog features notable typography and a grid layout on the front to bring hierarchy and legibility to product sections,

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EDDSON – Practice Management Software

EDDSON Identity & Branding

Goetze Dental wanted to create a name and identity for their dental practice management software. EDDSON was born. EDDSON is intelligent, intuitive, and powerful, featuring an innovative tab-based user-interface. The logo uses a contemporary, forward-moving sans-serif font Proxima Nova – Semibold Italic with a modified ‘E’ as a tab. The blue PMS 7683 and PMS Cool Gray are corporate yet approachable. 

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