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Muse Tea Company





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Muse Tea Company – The Power to Infuse

*Graphic Design III (MWSU) – Identity & Packaging Project

How Muse Got Its Name

The identity Muse has a couple of connotations, depending on the culture and part of speech in which it is used. In modern English, to muse is to contemplate or meditate in silence, as on some subject. In ancient Greek mythology, a muse refers to the nine sister goddesses of Zeus as geniuses and inspiration.  Either way, the name Muse in concordance with the powerful number nine, a number of patience, meditation, and harmony is certain to relax your body into balance.

Modern Muse

Muse was established in January of 1988 when veteran botanist ____ of Macedonia, Greece was studying plant life and meditating atop Mount Athos. Upon a spiritual vision revelation, he acted on impulse to cultivate and refine the herbal tea process. Even though not all herbal teas are made from tea leaves, many varieties come from flowers, seeds and roots. Herbal infusions enhance the natural state of the tea.

Mission Muse

  • Mental health/relaxation
  • Physical health benefits
  • Meditation
  • Inspiration
  • Positive practice



  •   Adults (25+)
  •   Men & women
  •   Middle to upper class


The nine herbal tea flavors of Muse tea are defined by the Classical Greek concept of the nine muses. The technically drawn type of the Muse logo and the earthy and rustic color palette are appropriate in depicting a combination of ancient Greece with modern-day America.

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