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Iconic Wine Beauties





One of my biggest struggles was finding a graphic designer who could bring my vision to life. When I came across Ashley (through some good ol’ endless Pinterest & Behance searching), it was almost a love at first sight kind of thing. I loved her work and prayed that she was the one. Only through working with her, did I realize that finding her was more than a dream come true! Through 5 rounds of logos, 2 rounds of email signatures, 1 round of website design and 1 round of email templates (because she killed it on the first shot!) and countless emails, I have found her to be very attentive, professional, kind and creative.


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Iconic-Wine-Beauties-website-falling-rose-petals-mockup Iconic-Wine-Beauties-website-falling-rose-petals-mockup-2


Iconic Wine Beauties


Iconic Wine Beauties is three best friends, Bryiana, Meraiah & Nora who like to drink wine, throw parties, share stories, and laugh. Together they’re going on a journey to inspire and empower women to transform their dreams into reality. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass and join them on their wine tasting adventures.

Design Inspiration

The logo was inspired by watercolor and hand-lettering for ‘Wine’ to give a mix of fun and contemporary elegance. The website displays large serif (Bodoni Classic & Old Standard TT) typography in contrast with the smaller, elegant Raleway body font. Each page layout is unique, combining full bleed colorful watercolor treated photography, white space, and gridded blog posts. Best of all, Bootstrap could easily handle the job to make this beautiful site responsive across mobile devices.

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