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Bone Creek Museum 10th Anniversary





I cannot imagine Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art reaching the level of success it has without the skill of Ashley Cameron not only with the website design but with design of our invitations, postcards, membership brochures, newsletters and other documents necessary to the continued success of our nonprofit art museum. The awards won at the Mountain-Plains Museums Association over the seven years Ashley has been working for the museum are largely due to her outstanding designs.


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Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art


In 2007, a group of volunteers founded the museum. David City is the hometown of Regionalist artist Dale Nichols. Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art (Bone Creek) is the nation’s only exclusively agrarian art museum presenting agrarian art exhibitions and related educational events; artist talks and panel discussions; art workshops; and humanities presentations. Exhibitions have highlighted both the heritage and current themes in rural and farm life.

Design Inspiration

For Bone Creek’s 10th Anniversary, Ashley combined iconic elements (windmill, barns, cornstalks, birds, roots, trees) used throughout the years with Dale Nichols’s painted clouds as the texture in the background.

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