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If it’s been a little too quiet around this website, it may be because I was gone for 10 days and exploring Iceland. We made it back alive (literally), and I have been catching up ever since! (Welcome back.) Word for the trip :: Extreme. I highly encourage you to check out this new website I built the past couple of days in what zero time I had to do that ::

You can check out our exploration by each day and location or view the map of the entire trip. Yes, we made it around the entire country…in winter. I would NOT recommend it. Go in the summer. As exciting as the northern lights were, they aren’t worth losing your life. As sort of a brief summary, I took over 12,000 photos and we drove over 1,250 miles. (Everything over there is in kilometeres and Celsius though). -11 degrees Celsius was the lowest we saw the temperature, but I my hands and toes have never been frozen as cold or as many times as that trip. That was the first and likely the last winter vacation we’ll take.

Hope you enjoy the photos! Drop me a note, if you enjoyed viewing the site or if you’re interested in purchasing prints.

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