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Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid in InDesign Without Plugin (6-minute Video)

Automate photo/image grids and speed up your workflow in InDesign for projects such as yearbooks and ads in this 6-minute video. This example uses Excel, but you can use another...

Data Merge Business Cards Using Adobe InDesign CC (5-minute Video)

Automate data entry and speed up your workflow in InDesign for projects such as variable data mail, envelopes, business cards, certificates, etc in this 5-minute video. This example uses Excel,...

Create an Adobe Photoshop Action to Efficiently Handle a Repetitive Task

Taking an opportunity to show how quickly one can accomplish a repetitive task in Photoshop by setting up an action. Enjoy!

Multiple Text Columns in Adobe Illustrator

7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Mock Ups

Create High Quality Mock Ups in Photoshop using PSDCovers Action Scripts

PSDCovers is a resource library of mostly free and high quality mock up scripts you can use at your disposal. For those new to using actions in Photoshop, this guide...

How to Place an Image in Text (Text Clipping Mask) in Photoshop

Add your own design to a t-shirt mock-up in Photoshop (in 1 minute)

Remove the background from a logo in Photoshop (in under 30 seconds)

Back Save / Export an Older Legacy File (.idml) in Adobe InDesign

Whether you're the designer or recipient, it's courteous to back save an InDesign file, in the case that your recipient does not have the Creative Cloud subscription and newest version....

Delete a LinkedIn Recommendation on Your Profile (July 2017)

The recommendations feature on the LinkedIn update is not completely intuitive. I had accepted a recommendation with a few typos and it was difficult to find how to delete this...

Quickly Use Content-Aware Fill to Remove or Repair an Unwanted Area in Photoshop

Achieve a Realistic Glass Effect Over a Background Image in Photoshop

Quickly Create & Save a Favicon for Your Website

A favicon is a small icon in the browser tab of a website – a unique detail that lets a viewer recognize a website in his/her browser at a glance. Learn how...

CSS A Fancy & Flexible Drop Cap Letter

A drop cap is a fun and elegant design element to add interest to a story. Adding these to your website is just as easy. This video shows an example...

Quickly Whiten Teeth in Adobe Photoshop

Quickly Add Bullets to Text in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is not intended as a text layout program; however, I was working on a web page layout and decided to use Photoshop. There are a few different ways...

Adobe InDesign – Create a text box (text frame) with multiple columns Enhance the typography in your layout by creating multiple columns on the page. Experts claim that a shorter line length, defined by the width of body text, is easier to read...

Adobe InDesign – Add Border (aka rule) to One or Two sides of a Text Box

Create an elegant callout or caption by adding a thin rule to the top or bottom versus a border around the entire box.

How to Quickly Convert a JPG to a Transparent PNG in Adobe Photoshop

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