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Brand Development

Your brand strength is measured by reputation and visibility in the market. I provide a wide range of creative services to ensure your brand is cohesive and on-target across all media. Your brand strategy should align with your business objectives and target your audience with relevant information. I help you by developing the tools you need to communicate the brand (logo,

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Website Design & Development

Take a peek under the hood of our sites and you’ll find clean, semantic code written with web standards and optimization in mind. A solid code foundation allows your site to inherently perform well with search engines and generate great results.

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Print Design

Brand consistency is incredibly important through all mediums. If your site update coincides with rolling out a new product or you just need an updated set of business cards, I can produce supporting print collateral (direct mail, ads, signage). Although some say print is dead, print is actually becoming a non-traditional method of marketing. Social media, online content and applications are expected.

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Typography & Hand-lettering

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.

Hand lettering is “the art of drawing letters” – often hand-drawn with pens, graphite, or brushes. Some handlettering is created digitally. This is a uniquely custom way to express your brand.

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Responsive Site Design

Let’s face it—the days of browsing the internet exclusively from your desktop computer are long gone. Ashley designs and develops for screens of all sizes applying responsive, modern web standards to ensure that all browsers and devices display your website properly.

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Information Architecture

Getting to know your business and your objectives allows Ashley to plan and define the structure of your project. Proper architecture of the project gives your site the foundation it needs to perform at its best before the first pixel is pushed or the first line of code is written.

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Content Management

Once your site goes live, Ashley puts you in the driver’s seat with a user-friendly content management system that allows you to easily maintain, edit and modify the content on your site. She delivers a system that’s custom tailored to your specific needs, making use of your time efficient and your content display beautifully.

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Creative Consulting

Ashley is a creative-minded business owner (and rationalist) that knows how to apply unique ideas in any capacity. If a part of your business requires creative attention, she can help develop a solution that tackles the problem in an innovative way. One solution does not fit all situations.

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Drawing, Painting, Photography

Art lends itself to different emotional qualities based on a number of attributes: design, color, scale, texture, etc.


Realism, surrealism, impressionism, abstract…

Ashley is proficient at mimicking other styles and has a versatile drawing and painting skill set. Most of her drawing portfolio steers toward realism.


Graphite, charcoal,

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps boost your brand in search results. Increasing traffic to your site is not a simple, one-step process. Many companies promise fast results, yet their practices can cause long-term damage. With proper planning and site structure, relevant content, optimized code and media we are off to a great start. Let’s work together to clean up your website or create a new one that’s user-friendly and well-structured.

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  • Table saw ✓
  • Miter saw ✓
  • Pneumatic sander ✓
  • Nailer ✓
  • Wood glue ✓
  • Hammer ✓

Sure, all of these technical computer and fine art skills are important for marketing and production, but good ol’ survival skills come in handy for apocalyptic times. As a young cub,

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