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Context is defined in various ways throughout art and communication. Below is a sampling of how words and imagery can be paired in infinite combinations to evoke unique emotions and feeling. Even the terms ‘word’ and ‘imagery’ are used in generalization; word choice, font family, font style, font weight, positioning, size, color, contrast or opacity, and space are all attributes considered in these three images. The background images are comparably different by color palette, content, and symbolism. Here are a few questions to consider: How does adding a person in context vary your perception versus birds (or animals), from lacking animate life? How does size and the emphasis of a word or words in space on the canvas affect your focus – the movement of your eyes?

The meaning of a word, not only by definition but by your experience and memory association, elicits a personal connotation and emotional response to a simple phrase. Words alone are apt to be unknowingly misconstrued in our world of texting, emailing, and social media. In our numerous online relationships, what senses may we be losing? Have we gained other senses? Or has there only been a change in balance of the senses?

existence-is-a-gift[context]-03 existence-is-a-gift[context]-02 existence-is-a-gift[context]-01


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