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Carson’s 1st Birthday party was a success! Next year, I’m just going to buy a cake and be done. 😉 I did make it to bed by 1:00am at least.

The layout includes: red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate ‘critter’ cupcakes, no sugar banana applesauce cake, forest greens salad, relishes (rabbit food), turkey pot pies (“don’t feed the bears”), mini pigs-in-a-blanket (“don’t feed the wolves”), trail mix, s’mores, and dipped pretzels (twigs), and pond punch. Clouds were upcycled from diaper boxes. The little animals sets I purchased were the Woodland Animals (12 pack) and the Schleich Wildlife Scenery set at Barnes & Noble.

Carson was quite a gentleman with his cake. It took a little encouragement before he realized it was his for the taking. He had a blast, and it was so nice we could get outside, too.

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