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Our little bundle of joy is TWO today, and I’m sitting here in the early hours of morning writing this, because I’m that crazy mom up late decorating cake and getting emotional looking through photos our journey up until now… wondering where the time has gone. Our fragile little (big 9lb, 1oz) baby is becoming such a little man now. Often times, it’s surprising to see just how rapidly he learns, which makes me wonder what humans would be like if we continued to learn at that rate all of our lives. Carson is our first child, so we’ve nothing to compare to know what’s normal or what’s next to come. He is a very busy guy. I mean, I know how busy I am or Ryan, but he’s even another level.

model poseAt this point, he’s a ‘shape master’, really hands-on and good with puzzles. He’s still obsessed with lights, switches, and buttons. Really thought he’d be over some of those things by now, but maybe he’ll be an electrician or engineer some day (Hard telling; we’re not going to push it. He’s only two ;). He’s known how to use the VCR/DVD player for several months now. (Yes, we have one of those.) Carson repeats most of the alphabet, each letter as we say it and can almost count to 10 fully (again, repeating). I’ve lost count of how many words he knows. He calls himself “Car.” I don’t know yet if he’s being lazy about saying his name or if he’s just too cool of a dude, but I’ve heard that boys are often slower about talking compared to girls.

Carson knows all of our family’s houses better than we do, makes himself at home, and helps himself to snacks. Speaking of which, I don’t know if that kid ever gets full. He is constantly eating. Fortunately, he has good taste in foods and eats most anything. He requests beets anytime of the day, steamed broccoli and carrots are a regular, and just about everything you put in front of him. His main speed for everything is fast. He enjoys opening and slamming the fridge and other doors, cabinets, drawers. Again with being surprised… We were putting together his big wheel from Uncle Thomas and Aunt Jessica, and I said, “Dad, we need a hammer and flat-head screwdriver.” Didn’t even realize it, but Carson went to his room and came back with his hammer puzzle piece. Mind. Blown. The other morning, I was going to make sweet potato hashbrowns. I was making eggs too and told Carson what I was going to make. Low and behold, he got in the big utensil drawer and handed me the grater. Sponge? Yes. I still don’t know how he knew.

Carson loves to help vacuum and many times, he’ll help himself to the swiffer in the closet or cleaning tables or floors with rags. I should really get him to dust more. (Seriously.) He’s getting much better with using a fork and spoon, but I’m hesitant to give him anything too messy by himself. Anything routine, like getting dressed, baths, brushing teeth, getting coat and shoes on, he’s all about it and usually complies… or at least with mom. We’ve learned that often times, it just takes mom to do the job or mama kisses when he’s hurt. He gets so angry with dad sometimes or says “No.” and pushes him away. Makes more work for the mama, but one of these days, I know he’ll be independent and I’ll wish he’d hold my hand or ask me for help. I’m doing my best to teach Carson manners, and I am well-pleased so far; just hope they stay intact over the years.

In general, a few of my favorite things are: 1) when we’re all leaving for work in the morning and have a family group hug of kisses, “I love yous” and well wishes for the day, 2) when we’re all having dinner as a family and we have prayer time and give thanks, 3) night time snuggles, singing, and prayer 4) reading books and seeing how many things he’s learned since we started. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve read Little Blue Truck, Goodnight Moon, Peekaboo Pop-up, and a 4-book series of ocean creatures 5) when I give him a kiss on the cheek and he asks for a kiss on the tummy, neck, and head (he also does this series with lotion) I can never have too many soft baby neck kisses.

Carson still hates haircuts. Only 1-2 times has he been okay with getting a “hair tickle” from mom only or letting grandma and Aunt Jessica help. Other times, we’ve all been in the battle and had to take showers and wash clothes afterward. He enjoys bath time, puts his dirty clothes in the hamper and helps put away mom and dad’s clothes. He’s been doing pretty well with potty training, but I still feel like we have a ways to go. He’s a big strong (Hulk), likes to be outside (doing man stuff and helping grandpa), likes trains, planes, motorcycles, Elmo, throwing balls, and dancing to music. The other morning Ryan showed him how to conduct music and he was doing a convincing job of it to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons.

In December, we had a huge scare when Carson had a febrile seizure, but other than that and some other viruses here and there (as expected), he has been a very healthy and strong boy. We couldn’t ask for much more (Well, I wish he didn’t have my temper, but…). He has an overall happy and social disposition.

Last year, I went a little crazy with invites and planning his 1st birthday. This year has been pretty opposite, and I don’t think I’ve order physical prints of photos in at least a year now. Welcome to parenthood. As challenging and limit-pushing parenting has been, this little boy has changed our lives and hearts, and he is sure the sweetest, most handsome, smartest boy we know. (Yes, I’m his mom and proud of it.) Here are some highlights from the last two years. I don’t know what we’d do without photos to remember these precious fleeting moments.

Within the past year, Great Grandpa Mulnix and Great Grandma ‘Smitty’ passed away. We’re thankful they got to meet their great grand baby.

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